About Us


Navigation Academy College Consulting consist of the husband-wife team of Walter and Jora Odom. Mr. Odom spent 30+ years at four distinctly different universities, Winston-Salem State, Texas A&M University, University of Tennessee and Norfolk State where he contributed to the academic and career success of over 9,000 students. Operating on strong core values, Walter shares leadership experiences in communication and human relations, organization, time management and corporate relations. His 25 years of establishing, promoting and managing scholarships affords him credibility with university officials, donors, students and parents. Jora, has 20 years of experience in higher education as well, in the field of Academic Advising and student academic support services proving their commitment and dedication to the educational advancement of young people. They both collaborated with faculty, advisors, and university administrators in an effort to assist students reach their fullest potential. Their years of collective experiences has given them a full breadth of knowledge concerning the processes for students matriculating into college, remaining in college and graduating with promise and potential for a career.

As a facilitator, Navigation Academy of Virginia focuses on assisting individuals and families with information, direction and support as they maneuver the requirements of moving beyond high school to college and from college to career.

Clients can expect:

  • An assessment that offers direction
  • Identification of skills and realistic goals
  • Assistance with college selection, entrance requirements, selecting the best major and finding funding

I don’t remember Mr. Odom without a smile. I could walk into his office on any given day and get Mr. Odom at his best – listening, encouraging and guiding. For an engineering student whose workload was demanding and whose professors set a high bar, Mr. Odom was a bright spot in the day.

N Powers, President
Memphis, TN