All three kids!

Mr. Odom has been a wonderful driving instructor for all three of our children! He has encouraged them and made them into safer drivers. Thank you! Catherine K.

Teenagers... bottom line

This is a great Behind the Wheel course. My son really liked and respected Mr. Odom, and you know how teenagers take criticism. He actually looked forward to going. Bottom line, Navigation Academy is an exceptional course if your teen is soon to be a licensed driver! Chuck L.

Customer Service

The customer service has been an absolute blessing. The process of getting my son everything that he needed has been streamlined from start to finish; this is especially helpful to me since I am deployed. Mr. Odom kept me in the loop from the enrollment through him getting his license. I was touched by the picture card because it allowed me to have a piece of this milestone for my boy from halfway around the world. I can't fully express how much I appreciate the updates and professionalism. I would recommend Navigation Academy again and again!
Amy H.

Professional Training

We have enjoyed working with Mr. and Mrs. Odom of Navigation Academy. We just completed driver training with our second son, and they worked with our request to be trained along with a friend. The driver training was professional and we felt like our son was in good hands.
Lori H.


I really appreciated how detailed the information provided prior to the driving class was. Mr. Odom met with my son and I and explained exactly what to expect and worked with our schedule. My son liked driving with Mr. Odom and I appreciated his calm demeanor. I will definitely recommend the Navigation Academy to others. KJ

Second Daughter

Our second daughter recently completed driving school with Mr. Odom. She went from being a timid driver who never wanted to be behind the wheel to a confident driver with growing skills.

We are so very grateful to Mr. Odom for the professional instruction he gave to both of our daughters. He is an encouraging educator and he puts his students at ease. When our son gets his permit, we will be signing him up, too! We highly recommend Navigation Academy! H.H.

Daughter, Step daughter, and son in a few years

My stepdaughter and daughter both went to NA. LOVED it and in 3 years we will be calling for our son! THANKS! Jere P.

Calm Driver... Wow!

My husband and I were very pleased with the training our 16-year-old daughter received at Navigation Academy of VA, LLC. She appeared to be very comfortable with the instructor and has been able to effectively apply the overall teachings of the course. The day after she successfully completed the driving course we were riding down George Washington Highway and out of the blue, we were sideswiped by another driver. I was amazed at how calmly my daughter reacted and defensively stayed in her lane after being hit. Had she been nervous or unsure she could have easily swerved into oncoming traffic. I think the course did an excellent job of building her confidence, in addition to reinforcing the rules of the road. I would definitely recommend the school and its instructors to other parents seeking a professionally run school that genuinely cares about our youth's success. DJ

Dealing with my daughter!

Dealing with the reality of my daughter and driving, I admit I was very nervous. Mr. Odom was very thorough and took the time to talk with me from the beginning. My daughter was in good hands with Mr. Odom and the time and attention spent on detail was excellent. I really appreciated Navigation Driving Academy for being flexible with schedule. I am glad My daughter was taught by an excellent teacher for such an important milestone in her life. Thank you Mr.Odom. Your service was very much appreciated. Wanda B.

"1st Class from Beginning to End"

My son just finished behind the wheel training at Navigation Academy. The level of professionalism, accommodation, and service is second to none. As a single parent, the Odoms were able to work with my schedule and provide training for my son very quickly. After only the first lesson, I could see a marked improvement in his skills. He was much calmer and more alert when driving. He also really enjoyed Mr. Odom's calm demeanor and encouragement while training with him. I would highly recommend Navigation Academy to anyone with a young person looking to improve driving skills. C. Hill

Pleased with organization

We found Navigation Academy through word of mouth and personal recommendations. Suffice it to say, we were very pleased with the organization, attention to detail, and ease Mr. Odom provided from start to finish. I would recommend Navigation Academy to anyone looking for a behind the wheel instructor. Kelly K.


Mr Odom was fantastic for driving instruction for my son. He was excellent for on the road driving instruction and for the DMV test. His calm demeanor put my son at ease while he learned practical tips for driving in the area. He was extremely flexible and patient when we had a scheduling conflict. I highly recommend him for driving instruction. Keep up the great work Mr. Odom.
G. Polaski

Look no further

Mr. Odom was a very patient, knowledgeable, and professional driving instructor who came highly recommended by a friend. We were not disappointed. I was impressed with his punctuality, overall safety concerns for my daughter, and daily feedback throughout the week.
If you are looking for a driving instructor, look no further 🙂

Service from the beginning

My daughter just completed the behind-the-wheel driver training through Navigation Academy, and we were very pleased with the entire process. From the very beginning, Mr. and Mrs. Odom were professional and responsive. I had contacted two other driver training programs this summer, that were recommended to me, and NEITHER ONE of them bothered to even call me back. The Odoms responded in a very timely manner to my request, and the training was set up quickly. My daughter enjoyed her time with Mr. Odom, felt like she got good information and education. We will be recommended Navigation Academy to anyone who asks!

Susan C.

Training was fun!

Our Grandson recently completed the driver's training with Navigation Academy. Mr. Odom came highly recommended. Even though our Grandson had been driving for some time, he is now a much safer driver and we notice the vast difference in his skills. Besides learning safe driving techniques, he also had fun!!!!

We were equally impressed with the prompt replies from Mrs. Odom when we had questions, and the professionalism she displayed while on the phone and/or scheduling students for their driving sessions.

We highly recommend Navigation Academy of VA, LLC! K.Elke


We were so impressed with Mr. Odom. He was professional, courteous, and we were happy that our daughter had him for certified driving lessons. I highly recommend him!

"Totally Agree"

I totally agree with everyone. Mr. Odom is a professional in every way, we heard about him through our church and he came HIGHLY recommended. My son was not confident in his driving skills. After Mr. Odom worked with him, we have seen his confidence grow every day.

D. Williams

Skill Improvement

Mr. Odom was excellent for my son to drive with before getting his license. His skills improved and he is a much better driver now and eagerly drives on his own. The whole process was painless and very professional. Thanks for the great experience for my son.


Increased Driving Skills

Enrolled my daughter in this Academy for her drivers license and could not be happier. The teaching quality and direct affirmation assisted my daughter in gaining confidence and increasing her driving skills greatly. I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs to get their child "over the hump". Thanks Much!!!@ A.Spencer

Mr. Odom was a superior driving instructor. He was professional as well as easy to relate to concerning my teenager. My son was extremely excited during the entire week of his driving lessons. This company took the worry away from me. I was reassured each time a lesson concluded. He provided me with feedback after each session. I would definitely recommend Mr. Odom to any teenager. You will be glad you chose Navigation Academy of VA. S.Jones

Navigation Academy definitely exceeded my expectations. Mr. Odom was very professional and curteous. My son really enjoyed his lessons and is very proud to now have his license. Thank you so much.

Cynthia and Harrison Clark

Mr. Odom was awesome! Navigation Academy is a great company to work with!! Highly recommend!

M. Bollinger

Working with Navagation Academy was a wonderful experience, it was very easy to get started and the ongoing communication was wonderful. The scheduling of times to drive and the location to meet was convenient. Thank you!
J. Raymond

I'm very glad we went with Navigation Academy as it was a great experience from start to finish. From my initial contact with them, to my son's last driving session, the communication was excellent. They even went so far as to send me a text message informing me that a proposed driving schedule had been sent to me via email. I found this impressive because of the fact that they have to coordinate a mutually agreeable schedule between two students/families, and they know, in most cases, the students are eager to start the program as soon as possible. My son learned important skills in this program and I know he'll be a better and more confident driver thanks to Mr. Odom's instruction.


Navigation Academy is drivers education and professionalism at it's best. They have exceeded our expectations in all areas. I noticed the change in my son's skills and awareness after the first session. Thank You for sharing your knowledge and skills to help my son become a safe and responsible driver.

The Hurley's

My daughter displayed a lack of interest in driving until she met Mr. Odom! The initial meeting was professional, informative and comfortable, which helped her feel more enthusiastic for being able to drive. Once the driving lessons started we saw an immediate change in her attitude and she was much more confident. She loved having Mr. Odom as an instructor and said we need to send her younger sister to him next year when she is ready to drive!

M. Hamill

My son just finished the program with Mr. Odom and I am so happy with navigation academy! There has been marked improvement in his driving and I believe that his instructor is the reason for his new found confidence. Thank you Navigation academy and Mr. Odom for all you do for our young drivers!

Dawn Mowfy

I was thrilled that Corey got a perfect score. I knew he would do well, thanks to Navigation Academy! We were very please with Mr. Odom. Great place to make any parent and upcoming driver feel confident.

Schelli Couch

I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Odom and Navigation Academy of VA. My daughter was less than confident before her training with Mr. Odom -- but is now much more sure of herself on the road! Mr. Odom was very professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, patient! My daughter was seldom nervous when she was behind the wheel, because he's very good with the students. And the scheduling process was a breeze, as well. I have a crazy work schedule, but we were able to get my daughter's lessons scheduled easily and during our available times. We are extremely happy with our experience!

Via G.

Navigation Academy exhibits complete professionalism and organization. My daughter's driving skills and confidence increased greatly after the sessions. Mr. Odom is an exceptional instructor and I would highly recommend his services. Thank you for making this experience pleasant from start to finish.

Christopher Boswell

Awesome driving school! Well organized, very knowledgeable instructor, and I would highly recommend their services. We will use them again. Thanks so much!

Carmen S.

Mr. Odom was an amazing instructor for our daughter. She was NOT a confident driver before entering the driving school. She is now A CONFIDENT driver, armed with skills of being a knowledgeable driver. I highly recommend Walter Odom. We will be signing up our son soon! Thanks Walter!!
Jennifer Dudley

I was extremely pleased with Mr. Odom's professionalism and communication throughout the process. My daughter was in great hands and learned a lot. Mr. Odom is not only a patient and excellent instructor, but a confidence builder too. The difference in my daughter's driving confidence in one short week with him totally amazed me.

Ashley Gardner

While searching for a driving school for my son, I was very disappointed to find the lack of response from so many of these businesses. In one case the school set up an appointment for me to come in to discuss schedules, etc. When I arrived for my appointment, they were closed! I emailed Navagation Academy with my questions and I received a response that same day. I met with Mr. Odom and was immediately pleased with his professional manner and patience in answering all my questions and concerns. Within a few days I had a schedule for my son. His experience with Navagation Academy and Mr. Odom was very positive. I noticed immediate improvements with my his driving skill and confidence. Navagation Academy will be my first choice when my daughter requires behind the wheel training in a couple of years.

Barbara Sanchez

Great instructor and easy to schedule. My son enjoyed his lessons.

Diana Houle

My daughter had an awesome experience during driving school. Mr. Odom provided first class instruction, covering key details of driving, and she came out of the academy a much improved driver. The Navigation Academy should be the first choice for parents that have teenagers that require driving education.

Frank Anderson

Thank you for a great experience for my son. Great to know that there are patient people out there willing to take a chance on driving with a young teen. We will be passing along your information to other parents who are in need of an instructor 🙂
Thanks again for your time & patience.

Stacey Hanvey

Mr. Odom,
The evening my husband and I met you we knew our son would be in good hands. Thank you for helping us develop our son's driving skills. He is a more cautious and respectful driver after completing his Behind the Wheel course with you. Please continue your excellent work and God speed!
Frank and Christa Luster

My son recently completed Navigation Academy's driving school. They were completely professional, friendly, and very accomodating to our schedule. They had prompt "pick-up and delivery" and the training was very thorough. All questions were answered and there was no confusion whatsoever. My son came away with an understanding of the serious implications and responsibilities of posessing a drivers license. I highly recommend them!

Janet Fulcher

After calling around to several driving schools - we finally found Navigation Academy - that had a vehicle that my daughter could drive - due to her height. Mr. Odom was very accommodating to us - due to her school schedule and our work schedules. My daughter's experience was very positive - she felt very comfortable and felt like Mr. Odom's focus was on the techniques she needed practice on. I asked her if she would recommend this driving school to others - her response was "definitely".

Dorothy Mills

My daughter found out about Navigation Academy through several high school friends that had used Navigation Academy for their driving school. The whole process from meeting with Mr. Odom to the very last day went very well. Both he and his wife were thorough with letting us know what to expect. We were very pleased with Navigation Academy and highly recommend them! Thank you so much!!

Jane-Ann Spencer

I would like to express how pleased my daughter and her parents were with Navigation Academy. Mr. Odom is a first class instructor and she felt confident driving after leaving the class. She feels very prepared.

Maria Bale

My son completed his driver education through Navigation Academy. I was impressed with the instructor. He was very patient and helpful in teaching our son driving techniques that will allow him to be a safe driver. My son's driving ability not only improved but he was more confident after finishing the course. I would recommend Navigation Academy of VA to any teenager who is going through the process of learning to drive.

Kristine McCraw

I highly recommend NA. The service was excellent and friendly. They communicated very well and were very prompt throughout the process.

Michelle Sumner

Walter Odom is courteous, prompt, and professional. His care and attention given to the students is very evident and my daughter was very pleased and excited with each lesson. We definitely recommend his service and are planning to use him again in the future with the next daughter!

Donald Wingard


Madeline Brass

I really had a great time learning from Mr. Odom during the behind-the-wheel portion of Driver's Ed. His instructions allowed me to much easier understand the concepts of driving safely in any location, and I feel like my time in his class has greatly improved my skills with driving and better prepared me for the road.

Trevor Roper

"My daughter De'ja had taken a class prior to signing up with Navigation Academy. She was very nervous and needed a lot of coaching. Mr. Odom took the time with her needed to build her confidence level and driving skills. I am very pleased to say this is time around she passed her driving test. Thank you Mr. Odom and Navigation Academy of VA for all the time and effort put into making her lessons successful. "

Carla Berry

Mr. Odom was amazing. My daughter has an incredibly busy schedule and he was able to work her into his with ease. She felt comfortable with him and enjoyed her behind the wheel. Most importantly, when she was done with behind the wheel she was an improved driver. Thank you Mr. Odom!

Marie Britt

We heard about Navigation Academy through a friend at our son's school. During my call I was given very detailed information about what to expect. My questions were always welcome and communication throughout the scheduled sessions was fantastic! Rates are comparable to others in the area. My son has learned valuable, safe and economical driving techniques. I will definitely be referring others to this driving school. Navigation Academy is a great example of what good business is all about!

Jill Hurley

Jill Hurley

Mr. Odom is an amazing instructor! I learned so much from behind-the-wheel and I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

April Ruiz

I would like to just say Navigation Academy is GREAT! it is a wonderful way for anyone to learn behind wheel , just as I did.

Tyler Branch

Mr. Odom was the best driving instructor. I highly recommend to participate in the Navigation Academy of Virginia's driving program.

Jordan Casey

Mr. Odom,

Thank you again for training our daughter, Corrine in her Driver Training. . She really enjoyed the time spent learning to drive from Navigation Academy. We feel so much better with her driving after being taught by you, Odom is a great instructor, very friendly & patient & updates you daily with how your child is doing. Highly recommend this company....

Jennifer Brown

Mr. Odom,

Thank you for helping Megan learn the valuable techniques for safe driving. We loved the ease and convenience of having Megan picked up and dropped off for each lesson and wanted to thank you for offering this service. We will strongly recommend you to our friends and neighbors. Thank you again.

Debbie Gallo

Mr. Odom,
Thank you for all of your help.  Marquise has learned a lot within the week of instruction and has a better understanding of car safety and driving techniques.
Louis Jones