In-Car Driver Training

Navigation Academy of Virginia is committed to teaching and training students the correct driving techniques and skills. We believe and explain to our students that a driving attitude is the key to a long-term safe driving experience. All of our students learn the necessary driving skills in a controlled and relaxed environment with our patient instructor(s).

At Navigation Academy, our focus is on helping new and existing drivers become safer drivers on the road. We try to make the training enjoyable and stress-free.

Our In-car driver’s education program is available for anyone having completed the required prerequisites to obtaining a driver’s license. Students under the age of 18 are eligible if:

• They have taken and passed the classroom portion of drivers education and obtained a Green Card (or its equivalent)
• They have a Learners Permit
• They have driven on their Learners Permit for at least 45 hours

Quality instruction is provided that instills confidence with an emphasis on safety and driver awareness. Students will receive instruction on vehicle familiarity, safety and traffic laws, a review of evasive driving techniques, and driving communications. DMV requires students complete seven (7) sessions (driving and observation). Our charge is $340.00 (Check, CashApp, or Cash).

We specialize in STUDENTS and ADULTS needing private lessons for skill development. This is one on one instruction with the student and the instructor moving at a pace that meets the needs of the client. We start inexperienced drivers off in quiet, familiar areas to reduce the stress factor. We can also help those who have some driving skills and need a refresher before taking their DMV administered road test, and ensure that they know all those little rules to follow and bad habits to break.

Complete the application below to enroll or to receive more information, call Navigation Academy of Virginia at (757) 392-7050 or Click Here to EMAIL US.



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