I was first introduced to Mr. Odom 2 weeks prior to my first year at college. He was serving as the Director of Cooperative Education program which placed talented engineering students on assignment with top companies across the country for a minimum of one semester up to 4 semesters. Mr. Odom encouraged me to pursue a co-op, and with his assistance, I was able to land an opportunity with a company in Birmingham, AL. I worked 3 semesters and gained a tremendous amount of life and work experience in corporate America. It was an experience that no class or professor at school could afford me. I also owe Mr. Odom my decision for selecting Mechanical Engineering as my discipline. I arrived at college with a desire and passion for engineering but had no clue on what discipline best suited my skills.

Fortunately for me, Mr. Odom's influence did not stop there. As a result of his tutoring program, I progressed through my freshman and sophomore years with a knowledge of engineering fundamentals that had been difficult to grasp even with assistance from my peers. Whenever I converse with fellow engineering graduates, I always credit Mr. Odom as being one of the top reasons for me obtaining a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Travelius Harris, Senior Field Service Engineer

I have known Mr. Odom since my college days. There under his "grooming" and edification, he assisted me in preparing for work in the "corporate world". He assisted me with well-rounded support that included subject matters beyond the classroom (i.e. what corporate recruiters were seeking). During my junior and senior year, Mr. Odom insured that I went on over 10 interviews to include Fortune 500 companies that were HIRING.

The biggest success is that he sent me on a interview in my senior year that landed me employment in October of my senior year. This made my senior year very enjoyable, as "knew" I had employment after graduation.

I know that has been many years ago but, Mr. Odom has only gone on to do "bigger and better things". As a educator he knows his subject matter, he stays abreast of cutting edge information and ALWAYS has the students best interest as his driving motivator.

The many lessons that I have learned from him still resound with me currently; I know that he has had a hand in my path even today.

DC Wright, MBA, PHR

Mr. Odom provided an open door mentoring system that he used to counsel students to help them make the best decisions for their future. He would inspire students to set goals and be professionally responsible for their actions and technical performance. He would also inspire students by placing them in front of active Co-Op students so that they could get a chance to learn about the opportunities which were available.
In summary, Mr. Odom is very knowledgeable in the areas of career development. He has helped mold my individual self-projection. He has taught me about being responsible, technically sound and always being prepared for the job. If you want the best directions for your profession, how to succeed, and the methods with which to learn and perform to get YOU where you want to be…. Speak with MR. Odom.

Julius Gunn

Mr. Odom is one of those rare individuals that is truly impassioned by the success and growth of the young people that he works with. As my mentor throughout my collegiate studies, He continually mentored and motivated me to continue to grow, learn, and achieve beyond what I thought was possible. His level of excitement and encouragement is incredibly high while maintaining a genuineness that inspires. Without his words of guidance and encouragement, I would not be where I am today.

Jeff Phillips
Austin, TX

"Mr. Odom has been a pivotal mentor in some of the most crucial decisions that I needed to make in my collegiate career. His wisdom, care, and concern for my success is something I will forever cherish and don't take for granted. I don't believe that I would have had some of the opportunities that I was afforded, if I did not listen to him."

C. D. Grant
Nashville, TN

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Odom while pursuing my undergraduate degree. He has always demonstrated a genuine passion for empowering and truly leads by example through his mentorship and gift for professional development.

Wishing you the best and MUCH success in your new pursuits. Thank you so much for your continued encouragement and prayers!

A. Averyhart
Chicago, IL

I first met Mr. Odom my freshman year of college where he informed me of the importance of using co-ops and internships to supplement my college education. I worked varied semesters from 2005 to 2006, and I firmly believe that without the experience gained, I would not have gotten a job immediately after graduating and I would not be working for such a prestigious company now. All of this started, however, because of the help I received from Mr. Odom. He gave me advice not only on how to grow professionally and educationally, but Mr. Odom gave me advice on how to grow personally. Without his advice, candor, and encouragement I would not be where I am today, and I know that Mr. Odom played a significant part in that.

Jarred Cox, Supply Chain Analyst
Bridgestone - Nashville, TN

I have known Mr. Odom for over 13 years. At the time, I was a young engineering student with big dreams and Mr. Odom took the time to help start my career. When I was still a student, I was fortunate enough to work in his office and a developed a friendship with him and his family. He always took me seriously in my pursuit of aerospace engineering and worked with me on getting my first job at NASA.

Over the years, I have valued Mr. Odom’s continued mentorship and friendship. Even in my current position as a lead structural analyst at a prominent aerospace company, I use the skills and business ethics that he instilled in me as a young professional. Without hesitation, I would recommend Mr. Odom, and I will always value his professionalism, teaching, and guidance.

Y. Fuchs, Lead Structural Analyst
Aerospace Engineer - Mojave, CA

Walter Odom is indeed someone who enjoys giving back to the community as well as helping others succeed in their endeavors. When it comes to education, he is very passionate on young adults achieving the very best and he truly believes in the phrase "You can do anything you set your mind to." Best wishes to Navigation Academy of Virginia!

K.C., Former Student
Lancaster, PA

During my college formative years, I had the fortune of meeting Walter Odom.  I count him as one of the most influential figures in my life during that time.  The mentorship he provided during my transition from college into the professional workforce was invaluable, and I will always be indebted to him.

William Satterfield, Operations Supervisor
Senior Reactor Operator

I first met Mr. Odom as a student in college and he was one who convinced me of the importance for engineering students to take advantage of opportunities and the leg up one would have by getting this work experience upon graduation. He was right. The experiences I acquired helped me land a position as an associate for a IT company in Houston where I have recently transitioned into the role of a systems engineer.

What I remember most about Mr. Odom was his passion to help students be successful. The workshops he provided helped me with my interviewing and resume writing skills. He also challenged and pushed you to succeed and keep adding to your skill set. Mr. Odom THANK YOU for your support!

Julian Harris, Systems Engineer
Houston, Tx

I had the special privilege and blessing of knowing Mr. Odom during my time in college. Among other things, he was involved in securing corporate partnerships so engineering students could be placed for coop positions.  He was talented at building trust with those corporations, and even better at matching those corporations with a student who would best fit them, and grow with them.  He was much more than that to me.  He was a friend and mentor.

I don’t remember Mr. Odom without a smile.  I could walk into his office on any given day and get Mr. Odom at his best – listening, encouraging and guiding.  For an engineering student whose workload was demanding and whose professors set a high bar, Mr. Odom was a bright spot in the day.

The thing that struck me was his consistency.  Yes, most of us can be cheerful most of the time…with folks we like.  Mr. Odom seemed to be that way all the time and with everyone who sought him out.

Beyond college, we continued a friendship that has lasted for over 15 years.  I know even today that I can call him anytime, and he will be there for me.

He played a critical role in my development - personally, professionally and spiritually.  For that, I will always be grateful!

N Powers, President
Memphis, TN