I have known Mr. Odom since my college days. There under his “grooming” and edification, he assisted me in preparing for work in the “corporate world”. He assisted me with well-rounded support that included subject matters beyond the classroom (i.e. what corporate recruiters were seeking). During my junior and senior year, Mr. Odom insured that I went on over 10 interviews to include Fortune 500 companies that were HIRING.

The biggest success is that he sent me on a interview in my senior year that landed me employment in October of my senior year. This made my senior year very enjoyable, as “knew” I had employment after graduation.

I know that has been many years ago but, Mr. Odom has only gone on to do “bigger and better things”. As a educator he knows his subject matter, he stays abreast of cutting edge information and ALWAYS has the students best interest as his driving motivator.

The many lessons that I have learned from him still resound with me currently; I know that he has had a hand in my path even today.