I was first introduced to Mr. Odom 2 weeks prior to my first year at college. He was serving as the Director of Cooperative Education program which placed talented engineering students on assignment with top companies across the country for a minimum of one semester up to 4 semesters. Mr. Odom encouraged me to pursue a co-op, and with his assistance, I was able to land an opportunity with a company in Birmingham, AL. I worked 3 semesters and gained a tremendous amount of life and work experience in corporate America. It was an experience that no class or professor at school could afford me. I also owe Mr. Odom my decision for selecting Mechanical Engineering as my discipline. I arrived at college with a desire and passion for engineering but had no clue on what discipline best suited my skills.

Fortunately for me, Mr. Odom’s influence did not stop there. As a result of his tutoring program, I progressed through my freshman and sophomore years with a knowledge of engineering fundamentals that had been difficult to grasp even with assistance from my peers. Whenever I converse with fellow engineering graduates, I always credit Mr. Odom as being one of the top reasons for me obtaining a BS in Mechanical Engineering.